Q:  Does the City have a mobile home ordinance?

A: Yes. You can go to city hall to obtain a copy of the ordinance or you can view it here. (Please verify that you have the most recent copy of the ordinance  with city hall.)

Q: What can we burn in city limits?

A: Yard waste is allowed to be burned. If you are not going to burn in a firepit, metal barrel, or other fire safe containment a burn permit must be acquired from city hall. The burn permit must be signed by the fire chief and  a copy of the permit must be filed with the city clerk for the permit to be valid. The burn permit only covers yard waste and vegetation for the dates on the permit. A burn permit does not permit burning of trash, furniture, appliances, or any other waste.

Q: Are there restrictions on owning chickens in the city limits?

A: You can own chickens inside city limits, however you can get fined for chickens that do not remain on your property.